Winter Driving Tips

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Winter Driving Tips

Post by LiDL » Mon Dec 10, 2012 12:48 pm

As were seeing more snow I thought it would be good to share our top 10 winter driving tips

Make sure to have things like food, water, blanket and spare warm clothes in the car with you at all times. This will make getting stuck a little less unpleasant. Carry a shovel too in case you need to dig yourself out.
Be sure to check your coolant because the antifreeze will protect your engine in the cold weather.
Car batteries work much harder in low temperatures so it’s a good idea to have it checked out. They’re most likely to fail in the winter.
Speaking of batteries, make sure you have plenty of charge on your mobile phone and always carry an in-car charger. If you aren’t on a contract phone, make sure you always have enough call credit in case you need to phone for help.
Tyres – have them checked and consider fitting winter tyres.
Reduce your speed smoothly in snow and ice and avoid harsh braking, acceleration and sharp steering. However tempted you are to do the odd hand break turn (we all do it), try to resist and drive sensibly.
If you get stuck in snow, revving your engine will just make it worse. If you don’t have a shovel, try moving your vehicle slowly backwards and forwards using the highest gear possible. Alternatively, if there’s anyone about ask them if they can give you a push.
Keep your windscreen washer fluid topped up because windscreens get very dirty in winter, reducing visibility. Plus the screen wash will help prevent the liquid from freezing.
The most obvious tip of all is to only drive if you really need to when conditions are bad.
Be sure to have the number of your breakdown assistance provider in your car at all times.

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