Latest News from Vantage Hyundai - Stockport

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Latest News from Vantage Hyundai - Stockport

Post by andrewboyle1978 » Sun Nov 09, 2014 4:32 pm

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, on behalf of all of you in the Greater Manchester area, I met Paul Sharp, the Centre Principle of Vantage Hyundai in Stockport.

Right from the very beginning, I was HIGHLY impressed with Paul and his Centre. It is one of the best looking showrooms in the country, and his dedication to improving the customer/company relationship is obvious.

The main thing that impressed me was Paul's passion to please. All around the dealership are signs saying

"Would you definitely recommend us to your friends and family?

All Team Members at Vantage Hyundai Stockport have a

'Passion to Please'

We are all totally committed to, and responsible for achieving:-

Complete Customer Satisfaction.

If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with any aspect of
the service you have received today or if you have any feedback,

Please let me know personally.

If I am unavailable, please speak to our Management Team:

Peter Bates in After sales, or Gordon Carr in Sales.

Alternatively, my email address is:

Thank you very much for your business we really appreciate it.

Paul Sharp
Centre Principle
Vantage Hyundai Stockport"

We sat down for nearly 1hr 30mins talking about what he could offer the club, and what help we could do for his Centre.

I fully expected this to be a one off meeting, but it went REALLY well and we both agreed to this being the first of many. Paul's initial view of the club is a positive one, and I think Paul and his team will become great supporters of the club.

When it came to talking about what he could do for the club, we had many ideas, but we want to open suggestions to you. I don't want to ask Paul for something that will not be used by you, the membership.

Some of the ideas we had:

--A '%' off all parts
--Discounts off a MoT
--Discounts off a Service

BUT what would you find helpful??

Please leave your comments below, and I will send a Hyundai Keyring and Notepad to three random reply posts below.

I cannot wait to see what you all think.

Kind Regards,

Andy Boyle Moderator

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