How to add photos!

Post pictures of your car or van here, it doesn't matter if is old or new, modified or standard.
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How to add photos!

Post by petrolhead_rob » Wed Aug 01, 2012 10:44 pm

To post up photos, click on 'New topic' (if creating a new thread) or click 'full editor' (if replying to a post)

Underneath the text box, click on 'Upload attachement'
Click on 'Browse'
Find the photo you want to add and click on 'Open'
find file.jpg
Click on 'Add file'
Add file.jpg
Put the Cursor where you want the Photo to appear in the text box and click on 'Place inline'
Place inline.jpg
Repeat this process if adding more than one photo to the post. It is worth pressing 'Preview' to check, then click 'Submit. Remember to give your thread a title if creating a new topic ;)

Hope this helps :D

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