Vantage Oldham Hyundai - Day 3&4/7 of i20 roadtest

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Vantage Oldham Hyundai - Day 3&4/7 of i20 roadtest

Post by andrewboyle1978 » Thu Jul 07, 2016 10:00 pm

Well hello everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying my blog. It is the first blog I have written, and I have had a couple of positive private messages about it.

Just a quick note for those of you reading this blog for the first time:
I am currently having an extended road test of a 16 plate Hyundai i20 courtesy of Vantage Motorgroup and their Oldham Branch, as my 60plate i20 is spending the week with them as they complete some work for me. ... us/oldham/

Well today we have put two short blogs together, as we haven't really used the car much today.

It has been quite sunny down here in Portsmouth, and because of that we have had to use the sun visors a lot today. This might sound really stupid, but on my 60plate i20, the sun visors will only sit at a couple of positions, and the sun always manages to be just in your vision. BUT a massive improvement on this 16 plate i20, as the visors will stick exactly where you place them, even on bumpy country roads.

One message I received yesterday was about the trip computer, and how exact it is. Well today, I had to fill the car up for the first time, ready for our transfer from Portsmouth to Oxford.

Here are the actual fill up details, compared to what the computer said:

402.5miles, used 43.35L at 44.1mpg (computer) (Cost: £47.21)

43.35L is 9.5356669 gallons.

So according to my math, we have done 42.21mpg on that full tank of fuel.

Where have you been in the car?

Yesterday we went to Beaulieu National Motor Museum, and can honestly say it was superb. For the price, you get entry to the motor museum, the Abbey, Palace House, and the excellent gardens.


The motor museum itself contains nearly 300 cars from the first ever cars, to land speed record cars, F1 and Rally cars, a bus, vans, and motorbikes. Outside the museum, there is the World of Top gear, with unique footage filmed by the BEST hosts, Clarkson, Hammond and May. NOT the ginger one!!

The World of Top Gear has most of the cars used in the challenges, like the Fiat Panda Stretch Limo, Toxic Waste Ambulance, and the cars that tried to cross the English Channel.

Also outside the museum, there are Cars that have appeared in Films and TV, including Mr Beans mini, James Bond's Jaguar, and the last car Elvis owned.


Well if you have any aspect of the car you would like me to look at, you still have a few days to message me.

What are you doing tomorrow?

We have to leave our caravan before 10am, and we are on our way to Oxford, where we are staying from Friday to Sunday Morning. So as we have a 1.1/2hour drive we can test the cruise control again.

Hope you are enjoying this blog, and speak to you all soon.

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Re: Vantage Oldham Hyundai - Day 3&4/7 of i20 roadtest

Post by robert3356 » Fri Jul 15, 2016 8:51 am

Interesting keep up the good work

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