Vantage Oldham Hyundai - Day 1/7 of i20 roadtest

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Vantage Oldham Hyundai - Day 1/7 of i20 roadtest

Post by andrewboyle1978 » Mon Jul 04, 2016 7:38 pm

Well I think I need to set the scene before I ramble on.

I live in the Manchester area, and when I first purchased my Hyundai i20 (60 plate) from Lookers Kia in Stockport, there was just something I wasn't totally happy with, and I don't want to accuse anyone of anything, but for my piece of mind, I just wanted a Hyundai dealership to give the car a once over.

I also joined as a way of getting some help and advice.

My local dealership was Vantage Hyundai, and as at the time I was living with my partner in Stockport, I visited the Stockport branch. ... stockport/

Vantage Motorgroup has a saying of #passiontoplease and I can honestly say, I was blown away by the level of service from Paul Sharp and his team.

Over the couple of years I have increased my involvement with Hyundaiclub and also the level of contact with Paul Sharp at Stockport. I visited him last year and had a great meeting with him and his team, and introduced him to hyundaiclub.

Paul gave the membership of this site 10% off all spares and servicing, and also gave us some great offers at various times of the year.

In return, I gave Paul some great feedback on the Vantage website, which has some major flaws, and we as Hyundaiclub had received several comments on how it could be better.

Skip forward 2 years, and my car has now racked up 60,000miles and needs a 6yr service.

Now back living in Oldham, I decided it was prime time to test the website and also the service from the centre principle at Oldham Vantage Hyundai. ... us/oldham/

This was Thursday 30th June 2016, and on Monday 4th July I was planning to drive to Portsmouth on holiday. I originally decided to get my car serviced on our return, but was amazed to find they had a service place free on the Saturday. So I decided to get my car booked in online for Saturday 2nd July.

The website seems to have been improved and I was quickly able to get my car booked in for the Saturday and quickly received confirmation of this.

But at lunch time the next day I received a pretty blunt email which cancelled my booking and without asking my permission, booked my car in for the following Saturday (9th July).

To say I was pretty miffed, was an understatement.

Using my Hyundaiclub contacts, I contacted the CEO of Vantage Motorgroup, Mark Robinson, and explained the situation to him.

He too was pretty upset that the website can confirm a booking, for the centre to then cancel, and wanted to investigate.

When I spoke to Mark, we worked on a solution, and he informed me to bring my car to the Oldham venue and no matter what, my car would be serviced on the Saturday.

While on the phone, we talked about my road trip, and Mark offered me the chance to have an extended road trip of the new generation i20. (16 plate)

So on Saturday morning, I visited the Oldham Centre, and met the centre principle, Carl. He is a really nice guy, and makes you feel really at home, and was glad to inform me the reason for the mistake with the booking was NOT the failing of the branch staff, but some internal IT problem.

We got my car booked in, and had a look at the car we would be taking on holiday.

Hyundai i20, 16 plate, 1.2 petrol in white.

First opinion was its a really nice car, and massive improvement over my 60 plate i20.

I hope that has set the scene, and tomorrow, I intend to talk more about the first long drive with the car, and how it handles.

See you guys tomorrow

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