bluetooth niggles

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bluetooth niggles

Post by miller.david4 » Sun Mar 22, 2015 4:39 pm

Hi all,
a newby here

I purchased a Santa Fe premium 5dr new in 2013 and am very pleased with the car altho` I`ve
had a couple of minor problems with it.
I admit I`m "old school" with a view that the more things on a car, the more is likely to go wrong.
Having had a variety of cars over the years, the last ones being, a Terrano 2.4 LWB, Trooper 3.0 tdi swb,
I, after some research plumped for a Santa Fe.
However, have since been back to a dealer for, a drivers door latch, a drivers door lock embelishment,
a rear o/s door latch, a tail gate latch and then a tailgate micro sensor. All replaced without quibble.
During one of these visits, I also had to have the Bluetooth re booted.
I now wonder if I still have a problem.

For those of you that are Tech minded (I am not) here it is - when receiving a call via bluetooth in the
car my phone rings and the "incoming call" shows on the screen, which is fine, but if I dont answer
immediately background music comes on (not the radio channel that was on), but classic music ?
Is this normal ? or do I need re booted when I next go into dealer.
Apart from these teething troubles the car is fine and is running well and drives well - fuel could be better !!
anything from 26-28 (not using/extremely local) 33-38 (on 1/2 hr each way run) and have had 42ish on M/way
at 75/80mph fairly constant.
Anyway, thanks for any thoughts.

Davy M.

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Re: bluetooth niggles

Post by andrewboyle1978 » Thu Mar 26, 2015 11:13 pm

hi Davy,

Have you thought of reposting this to the SantaFe forum? That way your message will be seen by all SantaFe owners.

Kind Regards,

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