Santa Fe Voice recognition phone

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Santa Fe Voice recognition phone

Post by GGilmour » Thu Feb 19, 2015 6:24 pm

I have an issue with my 2014 Santa Fe and the voice recognition phone. Has anyone else had problems?

It basically doesn't recognise many commands, it can pull up the phone book but then I have to scroll down the pages on the LCD and use as a touch phone, so not really hands free.
There are apparently two modes - Normal & Expert. From what I can find out mine is in Expert mode, but I can't find out how to change it to Normal and neither can my local Hyundai dealer. The manual covers several versions of hardware, but still we have problems.

I had an IX35 for a short while and the Voice recognition in that was 100% perfect, never missed a beat.

If anyone can thorw any light on this, I would appreciate it.


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