2015 Hyundai Genesis Interior Spy Shots, Launch Date

Hyundai is currently hard at work putting together the second-generation Genesis luxury sedan.

It’s not due out till next year, but spy shots show that it looks set to borrow some cues from the HCD-14 Genesis concept that was recently on display at the Detroit motor show.

The 2015 Hyundai Genesis will certainly have a more conservative design than the rakish HCD-14, but it will pick up a few cues.

next hyundai genesis interior 2015 Hyundai Genesis Interior Spy Shots, Launch Date

Exterior Styling

The most noticeable of those are the front and rear clips, which are a lot less pinched in appearance than they were on the concept.

The grille is virtually identical, although there are more bars in the oversize square grille and LED headlights.

At the rear of the new Genesis, the undulating contours of the concept are discarded, but the detailed LED lighting remains.

The spy shots make it look as though the new Genesis will have a longer wheelbase, with the likelihood being that more space will be created in the rear seat and trunk.

Inside Look At The 2015 Genesis

On the inside, the photos show some pretty good views of the all-new Hyundai Genesis cabin.

The conservative look of the exterior is maintained on the inside, with the design similar to that of the revised 2014 Equus US-specs.

It’s a clean, modern design where gauges blend the traditional dial look with digital screens and a center stack that is relatively button free.

The same cannot be said for the steering wheel, which has no less than 10 different buttons and 4 scroll wheels.

That said, the addition of those buttons give a little indication of the technology we might expect to see in the 2015 Hyundai Genesis.

Those are likely to include adaptive cruise control, a lane keeping assist system, heated steering wheel, automatic wipers, and power opening and closing trunk.

Release Date?

There is no indication as of when the 2015 Genesis would be released as well as to what engines will be found under the hood.

Though, it would not be a major surprise to find the 3.8L V-6 and 5.0L Tau V-8 engines and eight-speed automatic that is in the current model. That is also the same engine that was found in the HCD-14 concept. [Photosource: CarAdvice]

Cosworth Genesis Coupe

Hyundai have teamed up with Cosworth to make the ultimate road-going version of the car. The Cosworth Genesis Racing is being made for this year’s SEMA show. It is of course based on the 2013 model, and the 3.8 liter V6 version.

The rear-drive, 3.8 liter Genesis Coupe is a fantastic platform for tuners to work on. The car is pretty fast in its standard form, but there’s also a lot of room for improvement. Hyundai Genesis Coupe is like a Korean muscle car, only it handles much better than one. Continue reading